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Perfect Gift for Annoying Uncles

By Christian Rudder Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One's Looking) - Christian Rudder

Do you have one of those uncles who makes the holidays suck by offering his (it's almost always a guy, sadly) political opinions unasked? Give him this book. Seriously, if I could force all the political blowhards, the Rush Limbaugh, Rachel Maddow, and Bill O'Reilly types, to read just one book--this would be it.


Want to know if racism is over because we elected a black president? See the answer in cold hard numbers here. (Spoiler alert: It's not.) Rudder, from his unique position at OKCupid, lays bare America's soul using big data. Some of his findings are encouraging--particularly the steady decline in homophobia. Other findings are downright depressing--the data on sexism and its connection with female attractiveness, for example. All of Rudder's findings are interesting. I devoured this book in two days, and found myself wishing I'd bought it instead of checking it out from the library, a mistake I'll probably correct when it comes out in paperback.