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I'm the author of the ASHFALL three-and-a-half-ology: ASHFALL, ASHEN WINTER, SUNRISE, and DARLA'S STORY.

Tyrell (Push)

Tyrell - Coe Booth Easily the best male teen voice by a female author I've read. Seriously, if Walter Dean Myers had written this, I don't think Tyrell's voice would have been any more accurate or believable. Coe Booth does a fabulous job putting the reader into Tyrell's head, so that by the end of the book I felt like I'd spent a week wandering the streets of New York with him. One of the ways she does this is by using a fairly heavy dialect throughout. I found it off-putting at first as I was continually stumbling over verb tenses and word choices I'm not used to reading, but by the end I felt like I'd been there with Tyrell and could understand something of his struggle at a deeper level than the surface of his words.