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I'm the author of the ASHFALL three-and-a-half-ology: ASHFALL, ASHEN WINTER, SUNRISE, and DARLA'S STORY.

Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, Book 1)

Magic Bites -  Ilona Andrews Great book, but has Penguin quit using copy editors? Or if this book was copy edited, could I please have that person's name so I can pitch a fit if he/she is ever hired to work on one of my books? There is a difference between shoot/chute and corroborate/collaborate. Oh, and could I introduce you to my friend the subjunctive mood? You've obviously never met.To be clear, this isn't the author's issue--I make the same kinds of mistakes (and worse!) when writing. But come on, Penguin! Maybe it's time to spend less effort on mergers and more on your product? Just saying.