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Mike Mullin, Author

I'm the author of the ASHFALL three-and-a-half-ology: ASHFALL, ASHEN WINTER, SUNRISE, and DARLA'S STORY.


Split - Swati Avasthi I hate very few people, but Ms. Avasthi is one of them:I hate her for writing a book so good that I know I'll never be able to write anything to match it.I hate her for making me cry all the way down Massachusetts 3 on my way to Lawrence School in Falmouth.I hate her for the funny look the librarian gave me as I wiped the tears out of my eyes and tried to prepare to talk to a room full of hyperactive teenagers.I hate her because I want to live with Jace and Dakota, to cheer them on as they build a life free of his father, but this world ends after only seven brief CDs.Go now and read this book. When you're done, you can join my We Hate Swati Avasthi Club.