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I'm the author of the ASHFALL three-and-a-half-ology: ASHFALL, ASHEN WINTER, SUNRISE, and DARLA'S STORY.

Blank Confession

Blank Confession - Pete Hautman I had no intention of reading this today. But I picked it up at the library, and started it while I was waiting for my wife to get her books. When we got home, I laid down in bed, thinking I'd read a bit and then take a well-earned nap. That plan was scotched by distilled adrenaline rush that is Blank ConfessionThe protagonist, Shayne, is the answer to this question: What if Jack Reacher were a high school kid? Yes, he's that awesome.I need to create a bookshelf of Best YA Thrillers--Blank Confession and BZRK would both get places of honor.